Sunday, 16 January 2011


A chilled fresh tofu dish for these hot summer days so longed for in winter.

This photograph is sourced from the Tofu Cooking, edited  by Junko Lampert, 1984, page 24.

 Photograph courtesy of Toshihiko Nango

Recipe courtesy of Kazunari Yanagihara


2 cakes of tofu (1 Ib or 450 grams)

Dipping Sauce -

Equal parts of soy sauce (shoyu) and lemon juice

Garnishes -

Grated fresh ginger
Finely shredded green shiso leaves
Bonito flakes
Finely chopped green onions or chives
Finely chopped myoga or celery
1 sheet of nori, held briefly over flame, then crumble


1.   Boil tofu for a couple of seconds.

2.   Drain on bamboo mat (sudare).

3.   Cut both cakes of tofu into 6 - 8 slices.

4.   Place said items into serving dish with ice and iced water.

5.   Place each selection of garnish into separate  serving dishes.

6.   Combine soy sauce and lemon juice to make dipping sauce.

7.   Serve each person an individual saucer of dipping sauce.

8.   Lift each slice of tofu out of the iced water with a slotted spoon.

9.   Dip the tofu into the sauce.

10  Choose your garnish of choice.

11. You can experience a variety of flavours by using a different garnish for each slice of tofu.

Footnote: The contents of this recipe have been slightly modified to clarify the meaning.

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