Friday, 2 October 2009

Solar Power: Renewable Energy

Sun Montage - SOHO NASA Solar Flare -PHJ - courtesy of Tahiti Petey

"Matter itself is a form of energy E=mc2" - Einstein

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is a perfect example of how matter itself is a form of renewable energy. There are two combined extreme forms of solar power in nature. These two examples are the nuclear fusion of the rest-mass of matter and the pure energy state of the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun. The energy emitting from the Sun comes mostly from what is termed as rest-mass converted into solar energy when the hydrogen nuclei fuses to form helium nuclei (nuclear fusion). The time it takes to reach the earth's surface for the energy-packed-photons of electro-magnetic radiation (radiant light) traveling from a distance of 149 million kilometres from the Sun at 300,00 kilometres per second amounts to just 8 minutes. There is the energy intrinsically stored in a piece of matter at rest equals its mass times the speed of light squared. Einstein's mathematical formula of E=mc2 consisting of m representing an objects mass and c which is represented as the speed of light shows the potential of this untapped solar energy. Therefore, the solar energy contained within a rest-mass size of an fifty cent coin would amount to one million dollars worth of green electricity.

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Solar Power: Renewable Energy

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