Monday, 7 May 2012

UTS: Gallery - Universal Remote Exhibition

Shadows  of light and shade reflecting back on the Work No. 12 -  'The balance of your bank balance is reflected in your face'. Medium: Sandblasted mirrored glass and wood.  Yes I know there is no image because I decided to photograph this from the side for an decidedly surreal twist.

Work No. 4 - 'They live, we sleep' 2012, Medium: Camphor laurel

'Remote Tribes' 1 - 4  2012, The inspiration came from secondhand remote control devices.

Decidedly creepy is the vibe of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' as you step into this abstract concept of a padded cell with buttons flashing on and off in controlled patterns of light and sound. In this work No. 2 'One room, one button, composition for a padded room' - 2012. Medium: Plastic arcade buttons, LED lights, electronics, white vinyl and sound.

This exhibition is mainly about the buttons that no longer work on remote control devices and how they have evolved into artifacts in the twenty-first century to be viewed in the stark white cube setting within the UTS Gallery.

Links: Logitech Harmory 555 (550) Universal Control Review / 

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