Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Critical Essay on Bliss

"I believe the greatest failing of all is to be frightened" - Katherine Mansfield, 1920

Essay Topic Question 4: Write a critical review of one story from the reader. The review should be written in a style suitable for publication in a literary magazine or journal. Any sources should be cited.

This critical essay about 'Bliss' by Katherine Mansfield is going to explore the complexities and subtleties of the Modernist experimental writing of this short story from a woman's perspective in the twentieth century. There is the main character Bertha Young existing under the phoenix-like skin of the author so enabling the desires of a tubercular woman, wife, mother and lover to be revealed to the reading audience. The other characters portrayed at the dinner party in Bliss are the ideal compliment to the genius of Mansfield's insightful narrative so enlightening the reader with this tree of knowledge burdened with her figs of life so tragic.

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