Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Art Gallery Spaces of UTS - Introduction

Question: 3 Discuss and critically analyse example(s) of 'art' in public/urban spaces.

This essay will explore some of the art gallery spaces in the University of Technology Sydney and the creative examples of some of the artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, photography and undefined mediums. There was last year at the UTS Gallery an exhibition entitled 'Oo (yes) selected paintings & projects' by Maria Cruz, 1996-2009 which will be analysed to unpack the true meaning of this social artist's intention for the audience within the white cube. The amazing sculpture of Margel Hinder will be discussed further on why this architecture-inspired communication object 'Growth Forms' was moved from the foyer of the UTS Tower Building 1. There will also be the reference to the checkered history of this abstract modern art-form which was designed by the artist to blend within the building construct. Jon Lewis a UTS tutor of photography will also be referred to because of his involvement in the 'exhibition space' showcasing how climate change is affecting the Equatorial Pacific. One of the best kept secrets at the University of Technology, Sydney is the UTS Art Collection which is displayed in 'major void areas' of the Tower Building 1 such as level 5 which will be used as another example of gallery spaces catering for mostly Indigenous Australian artists.

The Art Gallery Spaces of UTS - Introduction (Revised)
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