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Long-Term Drought-Proofing Green Solutions

Solar Power Drawing
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"People and nations behave wisely, once they have exhausted all other alternatives". - Abba Eban


This research report has been written to inform the reader about how combining alternative technologies would provide the 'green solutions' for the expected water shortages in the twenty-first century. The ocean is an infinite resource, which can be utilised to provide clean drinking water through the desalination process. Reverse-osmosis: crossflow 28 filtration systems are deemed to be superior when compared to other water purification membranes. There is the notion that it is a acceptable practice to release the hypersaline-based-waste into the eco-system of the ocean will also be addressed. The application of a solar pond and desalination plant program would ensure access to drinkable water and a non-polluting electricity-grid. The model of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity reveals the unlimited potential of harnessing the solar power of the Sun. The main advantage of of the solar pond design is the unlimited potential for modification to either suit the densely populated urban or sparsely populated rural areas. To empower all the future generations yet to come, there has to be clean drinking water and renewable solar power technologies.

Long-Term Drought-Proofing Green Solutions
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The writer of this research report wishes to thank all the TAFE teachers and students for their invaluable assistance in 2004 - 2005. This Long-Term Drought-Proofing Solutions for New South Wales copyright © Marjorie Savill Linthwaite 2004 - 2005 All rights reserved is being revised and updated for cyberspace in 2009.

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